FlappyBird free download IOS/Android

FlappyBird free download IOS/Android


How to get Flappy Bird on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and your laptop / PC
Should you want to play this awesome game, here’s how to do it

Flappy Bird may have disappeared from the App Store and Google Play, but you can still get the game for some devices


iPhone / iPad

If you downloaded Flappy Bird before it was removed from the App Store and then deleted it from your device, it’s easy to get it back. Simply go to the App Store, and tap on Purchases (if on an iPad) or Updates > Purchased on an iPhone.

Look for Flappy Bird in the list, and tap the download icon, which looks like a cloud with a downward arrow.

Flappy Bird iPhone download

If you didn’t install Flappy Bird, there’s still a possibility you can get it. 

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