Dragon city ultra hack free download

Dragon city ultra hack free download


The Aim of Dragon City is to breed, hatch and collect dragons, fight other dragons and win prizes.

Breed Dragons to collect, Unique, Rare and Legendary Dragons.

Hatch your unique eggs in the hatchery and place them in their habitats to earn gold. Each Dragon earns different amounts of gold, the higher the level the more they earn so be sure to click their habitats to collect. Also to make your Dragons earn more, use the boosts available after selected levels, there is a boost for every habitat so make sure to use the maximum amount to earn more gold.

Build farms to grow food, to level your Dragons. The higher you level your Dragon, the more food it requires so make sure to have plenty of farms, and to upgrade whenever possible.

Gems are rare and not so easy to get. Don’t waste them, hold on to them to get important things like Hatchery Upgrades to be able to hatch more eggs at a time, The Ultra Breeding Tree to be able to breed two sets of Dragons at a time, and Island expansions to make more room for more Dragons. You can obtain gems by completing goals, combat and completing pages in The Book of Dragons.

The Stadium and Combat is where the fun truly begins, Pick three of your toughest Dragons to fight other Dragons and players to win those precious gems and gold. The more battles you win, the harder they get so be sure to upgrade your Dragons attacks in the Training Centre whenever possible.




Dragon City Hack 2014
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Dragon City Hack Tool
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Dragon city hack tool Features
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