Dota 2 Maphack Extra

Dota 2 Maphack Extra


Some Hacks for Dota 2 are coming to light

Following the footsteps of league of legends and gaining lots of momentum Dota 2 is increasingly becoming one of the most played multiplayer games. Many believed that dota was dead and that lol was going to dominate the MOBA scene for a longer period of time, but VALVE once again proves that creativity and marketing are their middle names. In my humble opinion i think Dota will be the future and will soon sit at the top spot. Millions of people joined the closed beta and many more are joining in after the official release. Lets remember that Dota was the original MOBA and all others followed its lead. This game has everything to dominate the scene: Strong community, great competitive atmosphere and overall skill level. Tournaments have been very entertaining and the prize pools steadily increasing in size. Riot will have to fight back and try to overcome this Dota avalanche.


Download Dota 2 Maphack
Are you looking for dota 2 cheats , hacks or anything that would help you be be better than others ? Well you have come to the right place .
Finally we managed to release our Dota 2 MapHack , the only dota 2 cheat avaiable on the internet . Our dota 2 hack has a lot of features , such as :

remove fog from minimap and mainmap
reveal units on minimap and mainmap
cam distance hack
reveal illusions
make units clickable
show ping signals


This was a very taboo topic to talk about. Even though people tend to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to talking about this subject, the reality is that cheats for Dota 2 exist and should be analysed and embraced. As as MOBA game with lots of strategic aspects this kind of tools have a great impact in gameplay and can provide a less skilled player the potential of beating very strong opponents. We had the chance of reviewing a new software that was shared in a private forum by a very reclusive team of coders that prefer to remain anonymous. We are now releasing this information to the public and hope you enjoy this gift to the community. This should be only used for academic and learning purposes.


Dota 2 Map Hack a reality

The dota 2 map hack or as other call it “Map Revealer” is alive an well and its fairly easy to use. It’s capabilities are unmatched as it is currently the only working tool with this characteristics. If used properly you become virtually unbeatable. By revealing the whole map you are able to ambush and dodge ambushes, get the runes before your enemy and know where they are at all times. This gives you a tremendous advantage and makes a complex game like dota seem like child’s play.


  • Map Hack
  • Other Options coming soon

How to install:

Unrar file,tick the cheat you want to use in game and click activate!when the Hack activate cheats click on the launch button,and start the game! Enjoy your game!




Final Thoughts

We were assured by the creator of the tool that this hack is totally undetected and undetectable. He also said that he will work hard to add more options and features as the game gets more popular and the program gets updated. This piece of software gets a solid 8/10 for the effort and for working flawlessly. We advise you to only use this program when playing ranked matches and not in any big event like a tournament.